Lloyds Vineyard Certified Biodynamic

Lloyds Organic Harvest

Pure Certified Bio-Dynamic Grape Juices Since 1977

Lloyd's Organic Harvest fruit juices. A uniquely diverse range of fruit juices - produced in the most natural way possible, and a proven success for health conscious people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Important Questions

Where can I buy your products?
I can't locate a retailer close to me. Can I buy direct from you?
Are you open to the public?
Are your juices heat treated?
What is the shelf life of your juices?
Once opened, how long does your juice last for?
Do you make Concord Grape Juice?
Are your juices safe for infants?
Is there any added sugar in your juices?
Are your juices Low GI (glycemic index)?
Are your juices suitable for diabetics?
Are your juices filtered?
Do the skins and seeds end up in your grape juice?
Do you package in anything other than glass?
I found glass-like granules in the bottom of my bottle of juice. What is it?
Are all your products free of genetically engineered/modified organisms?
Do you make organic, biodynamic and non-alcoholic wines?

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