PROANTIOX is made from ground grape seed and grape skin conbined and is sourced from fresh, cold pressed certified biodynamic dark grapes after grape juice extraction.  The skins and seeds have not been subjected to fermentation or heat and therefore are high in Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins in their natural concentrations and does not carry any off flavours associated with any fermentation processes.  Many grape seed extracts on the market are made by a chemical solvent extraction process. This can alter the integrity of the OPC's and leave chemical residues. PROANTIOX is not an extract, but a natural balance as nature intends and does not contain any fillers, preservatives, colourings or additives of any kind.  PROANTIOX contains more than 35 times the total Phenolics (broad range polyphenols) than that of red wine and more than 85 times the Anthocyanin than that of red wine, as well as twice the antioxidant capacity of similar berry related products that it has been independently tested against.  PROANTIOX is also a natural source of resveratrol.  Blended with "Lloyd's Organic Harvest" 100% Pure Grape Juice or made as a warm tea in water, blended into fruit smoothies or added to muesli or your favourite dessert, PROANTIOX is your daily natural source of antioxidants.